Functional and afordable design for the Methow Valley
"We described what we imagined & Barb grasped our vision immediately.  She provided creative input that fit within our design & made it architecturally sound.  Barb was responsive & an absolute pleasure to work with."
Jenn Elden & Mike Schuh
"I must take the opportunity to thank you again for the great job you did for us. Your work was great. I have been grateful many times for the thorough, complete job you did for us. If you ever need a reference, I'm your guy. We are really pleased with the project from a design standpoint and enjoyed so much our time working with you."
Steve Nicholes
"The house is nothing short of spectacular! The interior spaces are perfect! The scale is right on the spot and the windows are positioned perfectly. We are so elated that we hired you as our designer and the outcome blew my high expectations right out of the water"
Patrick & Kathryn Heim
"After reading about Liberty Bell school’s major roof problems these past several weeks in the Methow Valley News I just had to email you to thank you for the design of our house. You were adamant about not creating ice dams and now I know why! It’s been almost three years since our home in Edelweiss was finished and we’ve not had a single problem due to its design.  We get compliments from everyone who comes to visit." 
Patti Pritchard & Jerome Bowler